Simply no Stars So Lovely – Edinburgh’s Magic and Mystery

Within Edinburgh’s Elephant House CafĂ© within the early 1990s, JK Rowling sitting sipping an espresso, jotting down information on napkins, shaping the figures and ideas that would resolve as one of the most well-known and best-loved stories of all time.

On the east wall of Edinburgh University’s Medical School, the plaque commemorates Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, and another of the world’s most liked literary heroes.
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In Edinburgh’s Makar’s Court, outside the Writer’s Museum, 12 plaques commemorate the greatest Scottish authors and poets. One plaque, focused on the memory of Robert Louis Stevenson, creator of the haunting story of ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’, quotes the author: “There are no stars so lovely since Edinburgh street-lamps”.

This metaphor of stars and street-lamps reflects Edinburgh’s charming blend of the real and the marvelous. Like Harry Potter’s world of witchcraft and wizardry, offset against the ordinary muggle; or Jekyll great haunting alter ego Mr Hyde; or Holmes’s search for logical solutions in a world of mystery, Edinburgh is the meeting place of the organic… and the super.

From its rugged establishing embraced by the Scottish hills and the Lothian coastline, to its bustling 21st century city life; from the middle ages streets and ancient castle associated with Edinburgh’s Old Town, to the neo-classical style of the New Town, Edinburgh’s structures embodies this tradition of duality; a theme that continues in the city’s many world-famous attractions.

Magic & mystery take to the streets every year in the form of the Edinburgh Fringe, the largest and most famous arts festival on the planet, where performers from across the world go to share their otherworldly talents and acts. Comparably, the traditional & sophisticated can be seen through the Edinburgh International Event, which includes a programme of high-profile productions and musical performances from some of the world’s top international theatre businesses and orchestras.

During the Edinburgh Army Tattoo, armed forces from the far gets to of the Commonwealth come together to perform musical numbers both historical and magical, while the Edinburgh International Film Event sees some of the coolest characters from modern cinema hitting the capital.

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