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Management & Followers

Leaders are by nature selfish and are motivated to do what is best for themselves.
Followers are by nature unselfish and are motivated to do what is best for others.
What determine whether I am a leader or a follower are the emotional needs.
Leaders need to guide because leading meets their psychological needs.
Followers need to follow because following meets their emotional needs.
When a leader understands and fulfills the needs of their followers, their supporters are truly motivated to follow them.
When a follower meets the needs of the leader, their leader is truly motivated to lead.
However , neither commanders nor followers are empowered.
Our empowerment comes from following my own path and it is not my path to either lead or follow anyone.
Energized people lead their own lives and follow their own path. They are Truly Selfish in that they follow the business lead given by their True Self and they know that what is best for themselves can also be what is best for all others.

Followers, Searchers & Leaders

Followers usually stick to leader because it is more beneficial for these to follow than to lead.
They look for only a leader to lead them, as it is the leader’s path which they follow.
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Seekers seek their own path to follow.
They seek to lead others along their path to endorse their path as the one that they are seeking.
Seekers, by definition, are deprived of a clear vision.
Without a clear vision, I have no clear path to adhere to; just the search for my vision that will illuminates my path.
A route is the vision that every seeker seeks.
Most followers follow seekers rather than leaders.
They are following a seeker in their search for their Truth.
They the actual seeker because the seeker needs fans as much as the followers need a leader.
A seeker is one who has no requirement to follow a leader.
Leaders have an obvious vision and follow their path knowing that they have found their path.
A True Leader does not seek followers as they know that is the role of a Seeker, not a Leader.

Seeking & Finding

I am seeking that which I use lost.
I seek my path in life when I believe that I am lost.
I believe that I am lost once i do not know the way.
It is my eyesight for my life that illuminates our path and shows me the way in which.
With a clear vision, I am found and no longer lost or puzzled.
Finding the vision that is my route gives my life purpose.
My vision is my picture of the ideal life that I have come to create.
My purpose is who I am needed to be in order to live my vision and to create my life with reason & purpose.
When I understand our purpose, I am no longer a hunter of my vision but the finder of my purpose.
Our purpose is to find my True Self because it is as my Real Self and only as my Accurate Self that I can live my Vision.
Once I am a Seeker of my vision, a Follower of my path, and a Finder of my purpose, I become a Leader of my own Life.

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