The Leaf Brooches and Earrings From Exquisite of Solihull UK

One of the popular ranges from Exquisite of Solihull UK (1914 – late 1970’s) is the Enamel Leaf Range.

The Exquisite factory started in the Liverpool Jewellery Quarter in 1914 and moved in the fifties to Solihull. In the late 1970s Exquisite ended producing jewellery and went on to concentrate on their Myths and Miracle figurines.

The Enamel Leaf Variety is available in brooches and earrings (clip on style)
The range has the subsequent leaves depicted and their corresponding protected copy right design amount:

Vine 914746
Beech 914744
Equine Chestnut 914747
Elm 914737
ivy 914743
Cherry 914736
Hazel 914745
Pine 914740
Mountain Ash 914742
Oak 914739
Mulberry 914738
Sycamore 914741

All the range was colored in the greens and brown enamel as near to the natural colour individuals leaves. Being hand painted – there are various looking brooches and earrings offered

The box list has the leaf variety in brooches and earrings just, but there are a few necklaces appearing on the internet for sale. These are mostly unsigned items. The vine seems to have been the most popular piece of jewellery as there are many available today.
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The leaves were so popular that Exquisite also produced brooches and other jewellery in silver tone, gold tone and enameled in several other colours and with marcasite and pearl embellishment. The same mold has been used across a range of finishes.

The particular leaf series is very collectible. Some brooches and earrings may have wear to the enamel, but quite a few items can be found in fantastic condition still.

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